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How to increase your technorati authority or rank

Well, possibly your google page rank has been dropped to zero while you are doing reviews inside your blog and now you really looking for ways to increase your page rank. Besides google page rank, alexa rank , backlinks, there is another ranking method which is technorati rank. Most of the review sites rank their site based on alexa rank, technorati rank, backlinks. So if you ever aware of reviewing sites don't bother about page rank, look for technorati rank.

What is Technorati Rank
Understand about technorati authority or rank is important. Note that to appear a blog into technorati rank you need to register and then you need to claim you blog indicating that you are the owner of the blog. It may seem very painful work as the site has lots of bug regarding claim and others, may be it is temporary glitch.

About your blog is claimed you can now see your technorati rank. Note that the rank depends on mainly how many other blogs in Technorati actually link back to your blog. It is not how many blogs link back to you, but how many blogs Technorati knows about that link back to yours.

However, it's rank also based upon the number of fans they have, the blog posting frequency, and other secret factors.

After you claim your blog, other users of Technorati will have the ability to add your blog to their favorites and adding tags to your blog which in turns will increase your rank. But now due to bugs this main feature seems not working. :-)

Why Technorati Authority or Rank is Important
Many bloggers and webmasters don't understand about the importance of technorati rank. But most of the advertisers in fact 95% of the review site look for techorati rank before advertising on your blog. They mark the star of a blog based on Alexa rank, backlinks and technorati ranks. So if you want to earn money by reviewing sites inside your blog technorati rank is important for you. However, If you don’t care about selling ads or links on your blog, then the Technorati rank is probably worthless to you. The high(good) technorati rank you have, the higher possibility of the amount you're paid for links or sponsored reviews.

Advertisers look for alexa rank, technorati rank and backlinks into account and assign a total rank of your site. So, if you have good backlinks and alexa rank you still may far behind because you don't have good technorati rank.

In this blog I will present several criteria by which you can increase your technorati rank.

1) Add the Related Tags to Your Blog
After you claim your blog, you will see several tags. You should fill those tags with the keywords that best suit for your blog. Also you can add several hot keywords so the the possibility of finding your blog because so easy by others. Always remember to add tags that most suitable to describe your blog. If your blog is about search engine optimization then you can choose tag like "SEO", "GOOGLE", "ADSENSE", "ADWORDS" etc.

From your page you can edit your claimed blog tags as well.

2) Give Your Blog a Clear and Creative Description
In addition to adding a few tags to your blog, also add a clear and creative description of your blog so that anybody that reads the description will immediately click on your blog's link and thus add to his favourites. This step will also help you to increase your blog traffic as well.

3) I will add your blog as my favourite one if you do mine
This is very good technique for the blogger who has good amount of traffic just like me :). Add my blog to your favourites and fan list , I will add your one too. Thus both you and me will be benefited.
To add to your favourites just click on this link,

Add to Technorati Favorites

4) Provide good,unique and interesting contents inside your blog
If you write good and unique contents inside your blog people will find them useful and interesting and the most possibility that people will add your blog to their favourites. You can also want to add topics of hot keywords.

5)Participate in Question & Answer Sessions
Ask question in other blogs. Question with OPENID usually prompt a website name of you optionally. So people will be aware of your site whenever you participates questions and answers inside the blog. You can subscribe my blog comments (on the left side) and you can participate in discussion.

6)Favourite other Technorati users post.
If you favourite other technorati blog users post, your blog will get the attention of other Technorati users. So, many will visit your blog and link back. This can be an effective strategy if you have time to visit a lot of Technorati users.

7. Do Link Exchanges
This is an old method but very effective one. Contact several blog owers and ask them for exchanging links. From 100 contacted bloggers you can expect to get approximately 25 technorati backlinks.

8. Become a Top Commentator
Top blogs don't list hundreds of comments in one page. May be they post like 30/40 in first page. So, to get attention try to #1 commenter inside a blog. You will be famous within few days.

9. Ping Technorati When You Publish a New Post
For Technorati to be aware of your new posts, it needs to be pinged every time you publish a new article. For WordPress blog, ping is done automatically. You can also use services like Pingomatic to alert Technorati whenever you have a new post.

10. Frequent Posting
The more frequent you write good contents, the more frequently you will get attention. So try to update your blog regularly.

11. Add a Technorati Favourite Button
Certainly your readers would like to favorite your blog but they don't want to go through the hassle of finding your blog on Technorati. So just place your technorati "Favourite" button inside your blog which will help to increase the number of fans you blogs and thuse will help to increase your Technorati ranking and authority.

Lastly add me on your technorati favourites and place a comment of your one.
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